martes, 20 de enero de 2009 magazine

We're so flattered! A new review, this time from a Philadelphias's digital magazine.

Laptop-pop bursting with sunshine, the lo-fi effort from Spain's Cof Cof is blissful as a vespa ride along the Mediterranean coast . It's no surprise the boy-girl duo hail from the land of Siesta's given every single track on Who Said Party is a fast-paced dance track. Cof Cof, down to their indiscernible, accented lyrics and bouncy female vocals sound like the second coming of CSS. Thankfully, like the Brazilian babes who came before them, it hardly matters what they're saying because it all just sounds like a party. With their island-inspired beats and homemade synth, Cof Cof could warm up anything from a dance floor to a winters day. "Caribbean Boy," loaded with bouncing bass, snare drums and staccato guitars is so irresistibly pleasant, to dislike it would be both heartless and impossible. Other tracks like the loveable "Forbidden Cocktail," share that same playfulness contributing to the sense of overwhelming likability. (Unsigned)

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Alex Cuadrado dijo...

joder, no lo había leido. qué bonito!

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