miércoles, 1 de abril de 2009


Hello, this is my new baby.
I know it is not much, that it could be much better ( OKAY WE COULD HAVE AN STUDIO OR SOMETHING, RIGHT?)but, it is all that we could afford right now, and compared with the BULLSHIT we had before for home-recording, this is just greaaaat <3. You all should know that we've been recording voices, guitar and bass with something that we could say it is worst than going out with a tape recorder to record songs on the beach. I don't know if you know what I mean...BRUTAL NOISE could be the best words to describe it. My old computer makes a noise that could be compared with the noise of a FARM TRUCK, or the same noise that could make an AIRBUS. I had to sing FAR AWAY from the computer, but there was noise anyway, so HOLY CRAP.

Today starts a new age for Cof Cof's songs. It finally seems that we'll be able to get out of my bedroom for recording new songs with my new baby and my laptop; and we'll be able to make new songs while drinking beer like in the old times ( I've moved to my parent's house a few months ago and it was not possible because I don't want my parents to think that we have a drinking problem (it is great writing in english bc they're not gonna understand a word of this!)).


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JJS III dijo...

Yay! Drinking beer and making music!

I won't tell mom and dad.