martes, 21 de abril de 2009


"...Last summer saw a brief blip on the blogworld radar for Cof Cof, with a few select sites picking up on their catchy, unique sound. We were lucky enough to catch them live last year, and they were just as enjoyable in person as on any recordings we'd since heard.

Now, with the release of Safari, we're once again invited to enter the world of Cof Cof, one of positive vibes, laidback grooves, and altogether well produced tracks.

On this LP, 5 tracks eagerly await listeners, and no doubt about it, you will be treated to a seamless sampler of the best that Cof Cof has put out thus far. "

Thank you!

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Nerea dijo...

¡Tambien me encantan! En serio, con vuestras canciones es dificil resistir la tentacion de ponerse a bailar como loco, y tambien es casi mision imposible sacarse vuestros estribillos de la cabeza, ja ja. Ya me descargare Safari para oirlo entero.